Our Mission Statement

Empowering young people and inspiring our community through Fitness

Our Motto

Fitness Forward

Our Vision

Providing Social Fitness distribution and access to opportunities for health to combat childhood obesity

The FitKid Academy: Origins

Initially when I started The Fitness School 5 and ½ years ago, it was because I knew I could be a resource to kids in our area. Starting as a beta test and born on a school campus with the assistance of The University of Texas, our Fitness Enrichment Program has built and customized personal and group fitness experiences to the students, parents, and families within our NW Hills community.

But what I didn’t realize at the time is that there are other schools and areas in and around Austin who don’t have what we do and unfortunately, fitness is not the priority, and on some campuses, it shows. Over the last few years and behind the scenes, we have been working with several East Austin Title 1 schools that have limited access to resources, fitness programing. One of those campuses is Blanton Elementary.

Why Blanton Elementary Campus

In 2019, Blanton ranked last in overall school Physical Fitness for AISD Elementary Schools, as well as the AISD “Fitnessgram”(the national fitness assessment and reporting program for youth), and this is where we feel we can help make an impact.

Because Blanton has lost their “Title-1” status, and with a lack of funding in our public schools, the responsibility of physical education has been placed on the shoulders of classroom teachers, administrative faculty, caring volunteers, and family members. With help of Blanton’s PTA (winner of 2020’s PTA of The Year Award), The Fitness School has been approved to be a part of the Blanton Elementary enrichment program lineup for 2021. Our aim is to close the gap, by bringing our mobile Fit-Gyms, outfitted with enough fitness equipment to service this campus and assist in providing the communities we serve to support healthy lifestyles. The Fitness School and The FitKid Academy will offer opportunities for students to not only learn about healthy living but to practice it.

This is where we need your help.

Your donation, whatever it may be, will aid The FItKid Academy in lowering costs so we can sponsor more kids to participate in our After-School Fitness Program at Blanton. In addition to making a monetary contribution, you can show your support for The FitKid Academy by sharing our site and telling your friends and family about our mission. Please them that we are working toward a “Fitter” tomorrow and that we would love to count them among our FitKid supporters!

Please consider a donation to our non-profit organization, The FitKid Academy, and help us continue to Push Fitness Forward!

Yours in Good Health,

From the moment I was introduced to campus by Brenda Lopez, I knew that we would find some way to offer our program at Blanton. For almost 2 yrs now I’ve been searching for a way to assist this campus but could not due to our operating budget. Blanton Elementary School serves a diverse community of students from pre-k through 5th grade. The school was opened in 1964 and named after Annie Webb Blanton, the first woman to win election to statewide office in Texas. Through a balanced educational program, Blanton’s committed staff works together to raise achievement, help students reach their potential, and create lifelong learners. The educational program is aligned with the Early College High School initiative that supports preparation for college level courses beginning in 9th grade. 

Blanton was also a “Title-1 School” (Federal funding provides supplemental funds to school districts to assist schools with the highest student concentrations of poverty to meet school educational goals.) on the East side of Austin. 49.3% of their students are considered economically disadvantaged. Working on this initial campus will help us “fine-tune” our programming so we can expand our services to other schools on Austin’s east side facing the same economic, equipment and personnel/support challenges as Blanton.

Jason Williams