Our Mission Statement

Empowering young people and inspiring our community through Fitness

Our Motto

Fitness Forward

Our Vision

Providing Social Fitness distribution and access to opportunities for health to combat childhood obesity

The FitKid Academy: Origins

The FitKid Academy is excited to be at Blanton Elementary for the Fall of 2021! Blanton Elementary School serves a diverse community of students from pre-k through 5th grade. The school was opened in 1964 and named after Annie Webb Blanton, the first woman to win election to statewide office in Texas. Through a balanced educational program, Blanton’s committed staff works together to raise achievement, help students reach their potential, and create lifelong learners. Their educational program is aligned with the Early College High School initiative that supports preparation for college level courses beginning in 9th grade. 

The Fitness School: 2018, 2019 & 2020 AISD Partners in Education

The FitKid Academy’s After School Enrichment curriculum converts time after school into productive, health-promoting activity. Designed to address, promote, and enhance our kid’s fitness, health and wellness experiences, our program is based on the building blocks of fitness introducing all children regardless of age, competency level or current fitness level to a meaningful regime of fitness building skills that will last a lifetime! Through our FitPods™, we deliver innovative fitness solutions on campus, after school, at work and throughout the community.

The FitKid Academy: After-School Enrichment

FitKid’s between 3rd – 5th Grades will focus on the building blocks of fitness, but will also include:

Complying with current city COVID-19 policies:

Program Details:

WHO: Students from 3rd – 5th Grades

DAYS: Tuesday/Thursday

WHERE: The Fitness School “FitPod” at Blanton Elementary


PARENT PICK-UP LOCATION: Blanton Elementary – 5408 Westminster Dr, Austin, TX 78723

What to Bring:

(Run-A-Thon 2019 – Blanton Bobcat Mascot, Coach Jason, Proud Bobcat Mon and a future Bobcat)

(This 4th Grade Bobcat is crushing it! These sit-ups don’t stand a chance!)